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Welcome to Retail Technics


RetailTechnics BV of Nijkerk, the Netherlands, specialises in building technical systems for supermarkets, offices and shops, such as:

  • Medium-, low temperature and heat pump systems.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • Electrical systems.
  • Service and maintenance.

"All in One" concept

RetailTechnics has developed a unique All in One energy and cost-saving medium-, low temperature, heating and air conditioning concept for supermarkets and shops that delivers a maximum cooling performance during the summer, a comfortable temperature during the winter and a saving in energy costs of 20 percent or more for the entire year. This means that the CO2 burden on the environment is also considerably reduced.

100% natural refrigerants

RetailTechnics offers you the option of an All in One concept driven by a 100% natural refrigerant, thereby realising a maximum reduction in CO2 emissions for your company and contributing to a more sustainable society at the same time.

Upgrading current systems

RetailTechnics also offers you the option to optimise your current medium and low temperature system with a heat pump, equipping your shop with a system that can cool, freeze and heat at reduced energy costs.

Cost-saving and environmentally-friendly

Any variant of the All in One concept of RetailTechnics uses green technology, thereby looking after the environment and your wallet.

Best possible service and maintenance

RetailTechnics represents maximum service and professional maintenance which you can fully rely on.

RetailTechnics takes care of everything, from design, to installation and maintenance. If so desired, we can assist you in selecting the best chiller cabinets. You will have complete piece of mind and enjoy the benefit of a single point of contact.



If you have any questions or require more information, please call us on +31(0)88 - 5010100